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General Information

What are the best times to send emails to your database?

You've prepared your email content, got the perfect subject line and tested it on all the inbox clients under the sun - but when should you actually send it?

Powerport have identified the best and worst times to send your emails.Click here to download this document.

Email Vs. Print Newsletters: What's the better option?

What's the better option? When it comes to newsletters, which delivery medium is best - e-mail or print? Before we can come to a reasonable conclusion, we must first understand the ...

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Simple steps to ranking higher in search engines

Where are your customers searching for finance and housing information? The Internet. 'Just Google it' has become a household saying.Yourcustomers don'tuse phonebooks anymore, they use the internet. It is important for ...

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How does it work?

We've made it as simple as possible. 1. Sign up for the service Register through the "Members" secure area of this website. Read & accept the terms and conditions, indicate how ...

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The 5 core benefits of a broker who uses the Powerport service

Five Core Benefits There are five core benefits to mortgage brokers who use the Powerport service. 1. Build Customer Loyalty Regular, high quality communications are vital to building and maintaining ongoing ...

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