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General Information

How does it work?

We've made it as simple as possible.

1. Sign up for the service
Register through the "Members" secure area of this website. Read & accept the terms and conditions, indicate how many subscribers you are likely to have, choose a payment option, and enter your credit card details. Your details are totally secure - read here to find out more.

2. Upload your branding
You will receive a user name and password. Login to the secure "Members" section. (The password can be changed by you). Upload your logo and photo to the website and we'll set up your newsletter and e-mail templates for you.

3. Set up your customers' e-mail addresses
Enter your email addresses under "Subscribers". The only mandatory field is the email address itself, although using the first name will allow us to personalise the service for you, eg "Dear Sharon," instead of "Hello". We can upload bulk email addresses to save you time.

4. Newsletter preparation and distribution
Newsletters are produced every two months. You can preview it a week before and edit your introduction message. The newsletter is automatically emailed to your subscriber list.