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Simple steps to ranking higher in search engines

Where are your customers searching for finance and housing information? The Internet.

'Just Google it' has become a household saying.Yourcustomers don'tuse phonebooks anymore, they use the internet. It is important for you to be in this online space to reach your customers, providing more than a simple 'virtual business card'.

So where do they search? Undeniably, the largest search engine force on the internet is Google with an 85% market share on all searches performed on the internet and 80% of the world's search marketing revenue is within Google's Ad Network.

There are two important terms in the online world - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO or free clicks) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM or pay per clicks). Your aim should be getting the SEO right for your business.

Here are some simple SEO tips whichcan rank your business higher:

Ensure that your website developer has includedkeywords on your website and website pages.
Put up documents and information on your websitewhich will be picked up by Google. Documents like 'How to choose the best Home Loan', 'How to save and buy a house' & 'investing made easy' etc.
Get quality inbound links.Google ranks your pages according to the number of links from relevant and credible sites pointing to your page. Try and get as many as possible.For starters try free directory listings & social networking sites. You can then try real estate websites, accountants and referral partners.
Keyword dense content.Aim to achieve a minimum keyword density of 4% - the number of times relevant keywords appear on a web page in relation to the number of words on that page.
Analyse yourwebpage statisticsand see what search terms your customers are typing to get to your site. Use these words in your content.
Sitemap.If your site has lots of menus and sub-menus, it may be worth considering a sitemap to assist search engine spiders navigate through your webpages more quickly.
Use unique content.Try and avoid copying or borrowing content from other websites.
Include content which willenhance their experienceand ensure repeat visitation. Calculators, blogs, newsletters, updated content, prizes, discount cards and promotions for stores near you etc.
Include links to your websitein all communications sent out (i.e your email signature).
Register your business on the search engine.All search engines have a link that says 'add your site' - ensure that they know you are there. You can even register your business location so that software such as Google Maps shows your office on a map.

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