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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How easy is it?

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

For your customer distribution list, you simply go (via the login) to the secure section of our web-site and enter your customers' email addresses.
For your company details, logo, etc you simply upload these once into the relevant places indicated in the newsletter design section. These can be changed at any time.
When each newsletter is created it is made available to you via your secure "Members" section to preview.

Q: Is my customer information secure?

There are two different aspects to this question.

1. Physical security: Advanced computer security is fundamental to the Powerport solution. All transactions with the secure part of our web-site are protected by 256 bit encryption. All of your customer data is protected by firewalls, anti-virus software and advanced security management protocols to ensure it is secure.

2. Marketing Security: Powerport does not share customer information with any other party (unless required to by law), nor will it use your customer information for any other purpose. We will never market to your customers other than on your behalf and with your approval. Note that Powerport does not operate as a mortgage broker, lender, aggregator or originator. This means that we are totally independent and do not represent any threat to your business. If you would like a detailed factsheet including an extract of our standard terms and conditions showing how you are protected, please e-mail us.

Q. Who writes the content for the newsletters?

We have a syndicate of writers. These include professional journalists and industry experts. A coordinating editor ensures all articles are of high quality and written to house style, ensuring the end product is topical, informative and reinforces the positive impression that your customer has of you.

Q. Are the newsletters legally vetted, and why is this important?

Each newsletter is reviewed and signed off by an independent firm of solicitors. This is important to ensure that the newsletter cannot be viewed as giving specific financial or investment advice, because this could mean that a customer could take legal action if advice was given and it was incorrect.

Q. How frequent are the newsletters sent out?

The email newsletters are distributed to your customers every two months. Our view is that this strikes the best balance between frequency (necessary to remind your customer of who you are and what you're capable of) and not being a nuisance (which could cause customers to unsubscribe from the service).

Q. Do you allow my customers to unsubscribe? Why?

Every email generated from Powerport contains an unsubscribe link. This automatically updates your customer list to avoid the chance of sending unwanted emails to people who have unsubscribed. It is important to do this. It is not fair on your customers if your emails are seen as a nuisance. If your customers continue to receive unwanted e-mail from you then this may cause them to not want to continue a relationship with you at all. Also, increasing regulation in Australia is making "Spam" (junk mail or unsolicited commercial e-mail) less acceptable. The Spam Act of 2003 plus the Privacy Act of 1988 are both relevant in this area

Do you have any other questions? Please don't hesitate to call us today on 1300 138 987.